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Celebrating Career Advancement: Victoria De La Rosa’s Promotion to Resource Lead at MissionCX

Victoria De la Rosa
At MissionCX, we are deeply committed to recognising the hard work and dedication of our team members, as well as nurturing their professional growth. It is with immense pleasure that we announce a significant milestone in the career of Victoria De La Rosa, a key figure in our organisation renowned for her exceptional talent and expertise in resource management.

Victoria De La Rosa has played a pivotal role in sourcing and recruiting premier commissioning talent for our high-stakes projects across the nuclear, defence, and energy sectors. Her strategic and proactive approach to talent acquisition has been instrumental in aligning our team with highly skilled professionals, poised to drive the success of our mission-critical endeavours.

In acknowledgment of her invaluable contributions and in harmony with our dedication to fostering the development of our internal team, we are thrilled to announce Victoria De La Rosa’s promotion to Resource Lead. This promotion is a testament to the confidence we place in her abilities and her potential to spearhead even greater achievements within our Resourcing department.

With this new role, Victoria will embrace enhanced responsibilities, continuing to be a central figure in our recruitment initiatives, especially as we actively seek roles within the Operations team to bolster our growth. This recruitment drive remains in progress, and we are confident in Victoria’s capacity to lead it to success.

Victoria will receive unwavering support from Aaron Lester, Technical Lead; Joanne Slater, Founder and Director; and Craig Baker, Senior Management and Director. Who are collectively committed to aiding her career progression and are excited to back her in this next phase of her professional journey.

Here is what Victoria De La Rosa had to say about her new role:

“I would like to thank MissionCX for this incredible opportunity. I am thrilled about the journey ahead and am eager to contribute to our collective achievements. I look forward to embracing new challenges and making a significant impact in the Resourcing department “.

Victoria De La Rosa will officially begin her new role on Friday, 1st March. We are fully confident in her capabilities to excel in this position, embodying the diligence, insight, and leadership that have become her hallmarks.

Please join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to Victoria De La Rosa on her well-earned promotion. Her path with MissionCX exemplifies the dynamic career opportunities and the supportive environment we strive to provide. We are eager to support her in her new capacity and anticipate the positive influence she will continue to exert.

Celebrating Career Advancement: Victoria De La Rosa's Promotion to Resource Lead at MissionCX

Interview with Victoria De La Rosa: Navigating New Horizons at MissionCX

 As MissionCX celebrates the well-deserved promotion of Victoria De La Rosa to Resource Lead, we sat down with her to discuss her new role, her aspirations, and her insights into the commissioning industry and the challenges of resourcing in this dynamic field.


Congratulations on your promotion, Victoria! Can you tell us a little about what this new role means to you?

Thank you! This promotion is both an honour and a wonderful opportunity. It signifies trust in my abilities and a chance to further contribute to our team’s success. I’m excited to take on this challenge and drive our resourcing department to new heights, ensuring we continue to attract and retain top talent for our critical projects.


What are your primary goals in your new position as Resource Lead?

My primary goal is to streamline our talent acquisition process, making it more efficient and aligned with our strategic objectives. I aim to enhance our employer brand, making MissionCX the preferred choice for professionals in the nuclear, defence, and energy sectors. Additionally, I’m focused on developing robust training and development programs to ensure our team not only meets but exceeds industry standards.


The commissioning industry is known for its rigorous demands and high stakes. What trends do you see shaping the future of commissioning?

The industry is increasingly moving towards digitalization, with technologies like AI and IoT transforming how we approach commissioning. Sustainability is also becoming a key focus, with an emphasis on green energy projects and reducing environmental impact. These trends not only challenge us to adapt and innovate but also present opportunities to lead in developing best practices for the future.


Resourcing in such a specialised field must come with its challenges. What are some of the hurdles you’ve encountered, and how do you plan to overcome them?

One of the main challenges is the niche skill sets required for our projects, often leading to talent shortages. To overcome this, we’re expanding our search methods, embracing remote and flexible working arrangements to tap into a broader talent pool. We’re also investing in training and partnerships with educational institutions to build a pipeline of skilled professionals ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow. We also run an award winning work experience programme every year in association with Energy Coast UTC to give young people a taste of the many different career paths commissioning offers and hopefully attracting them to work in this exciting field that is full of opportunities.


With the ongoing global push towards renewable energy and sustainability, how is MissionCX adapting its resourcing strategy to meet these new demands?

Sustainability is at the core of our operations, and we’re actively seeking professionals who are not only skilled in their technical domains but also passionate about environmental stewardship. Our resourcing strategy includes targeting candidates with experience in renewable energy projects and those with innovative ideas on how to make commissioning processes more eco-friendly. We’re also committed to continuous learning, ensuring our team stays ahead of industry advancements and regulations.


Finally, what advice do you have for professionals looking to enter the commissioning field?

The commissioning field offers a rewarding career path for those who are detail-oriented, enjoy problem-solving, and are passionate about making a difference. My advice would be to focus on continuous learning, as the industry is always evolving. Networking with professionals in the field and gaining hands-on experience through internships or project work can also provide valuable insights and open doors to exciting opportunities.

Thank you for sharing your insights with us, Victoria. We’re excited to see where your leadership will take the resourcing department and MissionCX in the future.

Thank you! I’m looking forward to the journey ahead and the impact we’ll continue to make in the commissioning industry.


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