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Egremont Suite, Innovation Centre, Moor Row, CA24 3TP

A purpose-driven family business in the heart of Cumbria.

Our Purpose

By enabling and encouraging our people and supply chain to deliver service excellence, we can leave a positive lasting legacy and lead the way for future generations.

We are committed to:

  • Inspiring future innovators
  • Empowering positive change
  • Enhancing our communities
  • Engineering for tomorrow
unity · integrity · innovation
Our Values

We are committed to providing a superior service, built upon the foundations of our key values:

  • Unity – ethical behaviour is paramount to building strong mutually beneficial partnerships with all of our valued stakeholders. We deliver impactful social change through authentic collaboration.
  • Integrity – professional excellence, maintaining corporate social responsibility, encouraging sustainable employability and adopting a transparent approach to working practices.
  • Innovation – we challenge convention and work smarter by embracing new methods, ideas and innovative technologies to streamline processes and achieve excellence.


By seeking excellence and working openly and transparently, our team reflects the ethics and principles our company was founded upon.

Our Family

People are the essence of our business. With a wealth of specialist expertise in commissioning projects, we are a trusted partner who always delivers.

We are devoted to enhancing the potential of our people through training, development, technology-led solutions and unique opportunities.

As a business we engage with stakeholders who align with our core values, working collaboratively to create a culture of inclusivity and diversity. We believe we are all stronger together.

Our people are our family

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