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Commercial Flexibility


We can provide commissioning management, governance and assurance on behalf of our clients. Ensuring that vendors meet their contractual obligations relating to the testing and commissioning scope and projects are handed over on time and to budget. This can be completed by Digital Assurance Frameworks and completions software.

De-risk your projects with early ad-hoc commissioning management input to strategy, risk, schedule and cost, without the the need to deploy expensive full-time resource too early.

Augmented capability

Our ‘augmented commissioning capability’ partnerships can smooth resource profiles and mitigate project delays at peak times.

We can enhance existing capability with our bespoke training programmes. Providing the ability to upskill or reskill your existing work force to enhance your commissioning capability.

We can augment your existing commissioning capability with high calibre resources, training and management procedures to mitigate shortfalls across a portfolio of work.


Let us be your ‘one stop shop’ for commissioning on your projects, simply package up the scope and leave it to us to deliver excellence. All aspects of commissioning can be undertaken.

Whether you want to assign full scope for us to deliver or augment our experts with your current capability, we can be your trusted commissioning partner.

We secure the highest calibre of experts and deploy them with the tools, innovative technology and proven procedures to successfully deliver on their designated project.

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