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advanced technologies.
streamlined delivery.


i-CON, our proprietary commissioning software platform, is a ‘complete’ Intelligent Project Execution system which utilises tablet technology, data capture software and dashboards.

  • Leaner – cheaper, greener project execution; decreased project administration costs, less paper, more effective use of project resources.
  • Better – improved strategic decision-making; standardised and streamlined delivery.
  • Faster – accelerated project delivery.
  • Stronger – increased security, more robust audit trails and enhanced configuration management.

MissionCX utilises advanced technology to deliver projects and accelerate and streamline delivery.

Using i-CON, we can implement Digital Assurance Frameworks for our clients, providing a decentralised project assurance and governance platform, ensuring your projects are controlled and predictable.

Data is collected by engineers in the field using tablet computers which is then uploaded to the i-CON database where it is processed.

The data is made available instantaneously on client-tailored dashboards and reports, providing immediate strategic insight.

Deliver projects faster, more effectively and efficiently.

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