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Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprentice Week Blog (1)

Good luck to all the schools, colleges, employers, career advisers and thousands of students that will be coming together online this week to celebrate Apprenticeships in support of the Government-run National Apprenticeship Week.

It’s great to see top employers and organisations come together to showcase their opportunities to the thousands of attendees, who are actively seeking an apprenticeship.

At MissionCX, we fully support and get involved in various programmes to help facilitate the transfer of skills to the next generation. We believe this is vital in future proofing our industry, ensuring we have a robust pipeline of talent, as well as a platform to engage and educate our youth, showcasing the amazing opportunities that lay ahead for the next generation of commissioning engineers, managers and leaders.

We will be welcoming some students into the MissionCX office towards the end of the month through dream placements, a fantastic initiative facilitated by the Centre of Leadership performance. We are also hosting year 7 students in March for a week of fun industry led activity.

Dream Placements Class of 2022

In addition, our Senior Management and team and Nuclear Executive Consultants, hold decades of industry experience – they are not only deployed to help organisations solve mission-critical commissioning challenges, but also to guide and support the next generation.

The UK are world-leaders in the commissioning, nuclear and energy arena, something to be very proud of – lets work together to keep it that way.

If anybody would like to speak to a member of our team, or are interested in a future in commissioning, please feel free to get in touch. Our door is always open.

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