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Cumbria Community Foundation & our Acorn Fund

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Here at MissionCX, we are committed to giving back to our local community. We decided that the best way to leave a lasting legacy was through the establishment of a unique fund designed to transform lives throughout Cumbria, year on year. 

The decision to create this fund was influenced by the values that drive us: Unity, Integrity and Innovation. We take corporate social responsibility seriously and felt the most positive, practical way to demonstrate this commitment would be to give communities the opportunity to develop their own lasting legacies.  

This isn’t about paying lip service, it’s about direct action that results in positive, sustainable outcomes for communities in need.  

So, how do we do this? Through our ‘1% Pledge’ initiative which commits 1% of our profits, equity, time and product to philanthropic endeavours.  

Local charity, Cumbria Community Foundation, has been tasked to manage what we’re calling the ‘Acorn Fund’ and distribute our annual contributions to those in our community that need it most.  

The ‘Acorn Fund’ will: 

  • improve the lives of disadvantaged children and families; 
  • enhance life skills, education, employability and enterprise for disadvantaged people; 
  • support vulnerable older people; 
  • improve the health and well-being of people; 
  • strengthen and support fragile communities. 

It is our intent to see our acorn blossom and grow into an oak tree, maximising our social impact for generations to come.  

How does it work? 

It’s a simple, yet effective, concept. Donations and funds from our ‘1% Pledge’ are invested and the income generated is distributed in grants via Cumbria Community Foundation’s ‘Cumbria Fund’. The fund will grow year on year, better placing us to support emerging needs in the community. And we’re in good hands; the ‘Cumbria Fund’ has already committed a staggering £1.4million to 500 worthwhile projects and we are thrilled to play our part in this success story. 

We have entrusted Cumbria Community Foundation to identify suitable projects for grant funding that reflect our commitment to social value and fairness. After all, their motto is ‘Connecting people who care with causes that matter’. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

A Winning Partnership 

According to Andy Beeforth, CEO at Cumbria Community Foundation:

“The creation of a fund is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We work with our fund holders to learn about their needs and wishes and create funds that match their interests and need in the community.

“By utilising the knowledge and expertise of our staff, trustees and volunteers, grants are channelled to the best effect giving donors a great sense of satisfaction and confidence.”


With the support of the Cumbria Community Foundation we can actively empower communities to thrive and strive, now and in the future.  

Stay posted for more news on how the ‘Acorn Fund’ is progressing. 

Cumbria Community Foundation – Connecting People Who Care With Causes That Matter (

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