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MissionCX on behalf of KBR are delivering all requirements of the assigned package of work. deploying a team of highly specialised personnel to operate and maintain the boiler systems to meet the strict requirements of the end user.


MissionCX are currently deploying a team of technical delivery specialists working at AWE on the Mensa project. This includes provision of Hot Water Boiler Maintenance through deployment of a Boiler Manager, Boiler Supervisor and Boiler Operators. All of which are highly qualified and experienced persons with extensive experience of HTHW systems and trained to BOAS standard.

Our project solution is to safely operate and maintain the high temperature hot water boilers, the associated gas and water supplies, corresponding safety systems, the gas system and the HTHW distribution pipework system.

MissionCX deployed highly skilled, competent personnel to support the boiler management and operation activities effectively and efficiently in line with client requirements.

MissionCX technical resource are deployed and integrated with the client team, providing governance across all the HTHW Boiler maintenance delivery requirements to ensure compliance with local safety cases, site license conditions and unique client protocols.


MissionCX have provided contractual focus for the KBR project. Trusted partnerships, coupled with transparent and predictable delivery is how MissionCX are becoming the industry choice for supporting both contract delivery and client acceptance requirements.

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