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Nuclear Expertise in Commissioning: Enhancing Project Delivery Seascale

Overview Jacobs One Aim Project Expertise in Commissioning: Enhancing Project Delivery at SellafieD

This case study examines the role of specialised nuclear commissioning support in the delivery of a portfolio of safety systems, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and electrical projects within an active nuclear environment at one of Sellafield’s most technically complex facilities. The focus is on providing fit-for-purpose, compliant commissioning solutions, to enable facility upgrades to be commissioned with minimal impact to the ongoing 24/7 operations at Sellafield.

Engagement of Subject Matter Experts

Sellafield, known for its technically sophisticated nuclear plants, required expert guidance to navigate the complexities of commissioning delivery within one of its key facilities. This need led to the engagement of a team of subject matter experts renowned for their in-depth knowledge and commissioning proficiency.

Commissioning Support: Our experts provide comprehensive commissioning process oversight, including efficient strategies for the delivery of technically challenging safety system commissioning, whilst up holding safety, compliance, and engagement with key stakeholders and regulators across the project.

Autonomous Delivery: Our team also provide the capability for autonomous delivery, without impacting on the incumbent Sellafield teams workload. This is achieved through enhanced experience and SQEP.

Front-End Commissioning Reviews: We have reviewed and challenged current project delivery scope and strategies to ensure that the end-product is commissionable, whilst demonstrating that it meets all Design Performance Requirements (DPRs). This has been achieved via in-depth review and application of Learning From Experience (LFE).

Collaboration & Synergy with Sellafield:

The collaboration with Jacobs One Aim and Sellafield is marked by a shared commitment to excellence and safety. The integration of external expertise with Sellafield’s in-house capabilities created a robust framework for facility management.


Challenge 1: One of the major challenges was being able to develop delivery strategies which minimise the impact of the surrounding operations within the 24/7 process environment of MER, one of Sellafield’s largest revenue streams.

Challenge 2: Adapting to evolving regulatory and safety standards was also critical. The team ensured compliance through regular reviews and updates which acknowledged current Sellafield commissioning procedures.

Project Outcomes & Impact


This collaboration between MissionCX, Jacobs One Aim and Sellafield led to significant improvements in the facility’s operational efficiency and safety via the delivery of projects aligned to key hazard reductions. Key achievements include the successful implementation of several new and modified Safety Mechanisms (SMs), a reduction in operational downtime, and enhanced demonstrable compliance with regulatory standards.

Lessons Learned & Best Practices:

Adaptive Operational Strategies – the project highlighted the importance of flexible and adaptive operational strategies in technically complex environment

Effective Knowledge Transfer:

The success in training and development emphasized the value of continuous learning and knowledge transfer in high-tech industries.


This case study demonstrates how expert subject matter support can profoundly impact the operations and maintenance of complex facilities. The collaboration with Sellafield not only achieved immediate operational improvements but also set a foundation for ongoing excellence and innovation in facility management.

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