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Think safe, act safe, stay secure. #onamissionzero incidents, accidents, complaints 

We work in the highly regulated energy, nuclear and defence sectors, leading and innovating are not just goals; they are imperatives. At MissionCX, our pursuit of excellence has led us to launch an ambitious and transformative initiative: the #OnAMissionZero campaign. This initiative is a vivid reflection of our deep-rooted commitment to not only meet but set the gold standards in safety, security, environmental stewardship, and quality management.

More Than Objectives: A Cultural Commitment. The #OnAMissionZero campaign transcends objectives; it embodies a culture that infuses every aspect of our work. It’s a commitment that every member of our team lives by, from project sites to our main offices, ensuring that we operate without accidents, incidents, security breaches, or complaints. This campaign is our beacon, guiding us towards excellence in everything we undertake.

Together, we can chart a path to unparalleled success, forging a future that is safer, more secure, and environmentally responsible. Let’s unite under the banner of #OnAMissionZero and make a tangible difference in the world we live in and the industries we serve.

Our people are our greatest asset. Wellbeing runs through the centre of everything we do

Our staff are paid a percentage of their salary each year to support self-development activities.
Our staff are given a generous % of their time each week to enjoy wellness activities.
Company Profits
Our staff benefit from our employee share scheme which is linked to profits generated by the company.
Giving Back
Give back a percentage of time free to the community.
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