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Countdown to Work Experience Week 1 – 5 July 2024


After our triumphant collaboration last year, we’re buzzing with excitement to elevate our award-winning work experience programme to new heights. Last year was our 3rd Work Experience week, which saw us break records.

WEX 2024;

  • Ran across 3 locations
  • With 12 clients and partners involved
  • We hosted over 100 students
  • Committed over 1000 hours of MissionCX staff time
  • Winning a prestigious Golden Apple Award for Best Industry Engagement programme in association with Energy Coast UTC!

We are very proud of this achievement! This year, our mission at MissionCX, along with our stellar clients and partners, is to dive deeper into the fascinating world of the defence and nuclear sectors.

Our goal is ambitious yet simple: to showcase the myriad of roles available, especially those nestled in our community, and demonstrate their significance to the nuclear and defence sectors.

By offering a panoramic view of high-profile projects and roles, we’re set to capture the students’ imagination and tackle the pressing issues of skills gaps and an ageing workforce head-on.

Our vision is to equip students with the knowledge and hands-on experience to see themselves thriving in these impactful sectors. Introducing them to diverse career paths and pivotal roles, we aim to fuel their ambitions and direct them towards these gratifying fields.

Looking forward, MissionCX is all-in on our celebrated work experience programme in partnership with Energy Coast UTC. This year’s WEX week is a giant leap towards nurturing a resilient talent pipeline for our sector.

Winnersof the University of Cumbria Golden Apple Award for Best Industry Engagement programme 

Golden Apple Award Winners
Following our successful collaboration last year, we are eager to build on our award-winning work experience industry engagement programme. This year, we aim to delve deeper into the projects delivered by MissionCX, our clients and partners, predominantly across the defence and nuclear sectors, to not only highlight the dynamic opportunities within these fields but also to inspire the next generation to consider these exciting, and rewarding career paths, vital for a secure, clean energy future and the UK's net zero by 2050 commitment.
Supporting Our Community & Industry
Our proposed programme is designed to arm students with the knowledge and practical experience to envision a future within these sectors. By introducing them to the varied career pathways and the critical roles within project delivery and commissioning, we aim to inspire and motivate them to pursue these rewarding professions, whilst also flying the flag for gender diversity. As we look to the future, MissionCX is committed to our award-winning work experience programme in collaboration with Energy Coast UTC. This year's WEX week is a step towards this goal, supporting our sector in creating a sustainable talent pipeline.
Our Work Experience Vision
We envisage a programme that not only educates but truly excites students about the potential to make a significant impact in these fields. To achieve this, we plan to incorporate a mix of interactive sessions, hands-on workshops, and insightful industry talks. Here’s a sneak peek at our proposed action-packed schedule:
Day 1: Dive into nuclear & defence with presentations and workshops.
Days 2 & 3: Explore projects and roles up close with site tours and simulations.
Day 4: Sharpen skills through workshops and insights from industry experts.
Day 5: Close with student presentations and a career fair.
Addressing the Skills Gap Head On
Our ambition is to showcase the diversity of roles available within these sectors, particularly those local to our community, emphasising how each contributes to the broader industry.

We believe by providing a comprehensive insight into the delivery of high-profile projects, we can captivate the students' interest, helping towards addressing the imminent skills gap and ageing workforce challenges our sectors face amid unprecedented growth, at a young age.
Clients & Partners
Staff Hours Pledged


We had amazing support to many of our trusted clients & partners for WEX 2023 who we are eternally grateful. Many travelled 100s of miles and gave up a significant amount of time to provide support us in delivering an Award Winning, Record Breaking Work Experience 2023!

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