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Join Us Again for an Inspiring Work Experience Week 1st to 5th July 2024

Work Experience Week MissionCX

Work Experience Week 1st to 5th July 2024

After our triumphant collaboration last year, we’re buzzing with excitement to elevate our award-winning work experience programme to new heights. Last year was our 4th Work Experience week, which saw us break records. The event ran over 3 locations, with 40 clients and partners involved, we hosted over 100 students, committed over 1000 hours of staff time, and won a prestigious Golden Apple Award for Best Industry Engagement programme in association with Energy Coast UTC! We are very proud of this achievement. This year, our mission at MissionCX, along with our stellar clients and partners, is to dive deeper into the fascinating world of the defence and nuclear sectors. 🛠️💡

Elevating the Experience:

Our goal is ambitious yet simple: to showcase the myriad of roles available, especially those nestled in our community, and demonstrate their significance to the nuclear and defence sectors. By offering a panoramic view of high-profile projects and roles, we’re set to capture the students’ imagination and tackle the pressing issues of skills gaps and an ageing workforce head-on. 🎯👵👴

What’s Planned for WEX Week (1st to 5th July 2024):

We’re crafting a week that not only educates but electrifies students about the endless possibilities within these sectors. Here’s a sneak peek at our proposed action-packed schedule:

Day 1:

Introduction to the nuclear & defence realms with captivating presentations and hands-on workshops. 🌍💥

Days 2 & 3:

A closer look at the projects and roles, featuring site tours, project simulations, and discussions on the industry’s driving forces. 🏗️🔍

Day 4:

Sharpening real-world skills through engaging workshops and gaining insights from industry mavens. 🛠️📚

Day 5:

Wrapping up with student presentations and a career fair to forge connections and help students explore further opportunities. 🎤🎉

This outline is just the beginning and will flex to fit our collaborative efforts. 🔄

Empowering Future Talents:

Our vision is to equip students with the knowledge and hands-on experience to see themselves thriving in these impactful sectors. Introducing them to diverse career paths and pivotal roles, we aim to fuel their ambitions and direct them towards these gratifying fields. 🔥🚀

Supporting Our Community and Industry:

Looking forward, MissionCX is all-in on our celebrated work experience programme in partnership with Energy Coast UTC. This year’s WEX week is a giant leap towards nurturing a resilient talent pipeline for our sector. 🌱🏭

If you are interested in getting involved  in fine-tuning and bringing this programme to life please do get in touch. Your insights and integration of educational objectives with our industry-centric approach can make a monumental impact. 💪

We’re eager to hash out more details and incorporate any suggestions or necessities our employees, clients, commissioning teams and partners have, to enrich this collaboration further.  Let us know if you would like to be involved this year and your plans and if you would be interested in also attending or having a free stand at our careers fair. 📈👦👧

We hope to have all students join us throughout the week to fully immerse in the experience. For those who can’t make it every day, we plan to offer a comprehensive booklet to ensure no one misses out. 📘✨

Just in case you had forgotten what a great team we made last year……here is a link to what we achieved together in 2023!


Get in touch with one of the WEX team to get involved:

[email protected] or [email protected]

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