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Egremont Suite, Innovation Centre, Moor Row, CA24 3TP

Our 1% Pledge

We are committed to social value, fairness, and our people both internally within MissionCX and across the wider community.


This is demonstrated through our 1% pledge both through inward and outward investment.
Our Acorn Fund, managed by Cumbria Community Foundation, supports any charitable purposes for the relief of poverty, the advancement of education (including training for employment or work), the protection or promotion of good health both physical and mental and for any other charitable purpose for the benefit of the community of the County of Cumbria and its immediate neighbourhood.
Inward Investment
  1. Profits – all of our staff will receive an annual bonus tied to the years company profits. 1% of net profits will be shared between our staff.
  2. Wellness – all of our staff will be given 1% of their time each week (paid) to undertake wellness activities.
  3. Self Development – all of our staff will be paid 1% of their salary each year to support self development activities
Outward Investment
  1. Time & Product – we pledge 1% of our staffs time and our product each year to support charitable or community initiatives.
  2. Equity – 1% of our equity will be held by our charitable foundation – the MissionCX Acorn Fund in association with Cumbria Community Foundation.
  3. Profit – 1% of our net profits will be paid into the MissionCX Acorn Fund each year.
Ben Slater
Managing Director

Our 1% pledge embodies our commitment to our people and our community. 

We are committed to leaving a lasting, positive legacy through our 1% pledge initiative and our Acorn Fund.

It is our intent to grow our acorn into an oak tree, maximising our social impact.

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