Missioncx combine unparalleled knowledge, experience and proven delivery processes in conjunction with innovative technology, to successfully deliver or govern projects effectively, efficiently and compliantly.

Our services include:


Project execution, governance and assurance including:

  • EPCC Project execution support, governance and assurance.
  • Management of project execution including delivery protocols.
  • Risk reduction through Assurance Framework implementation.


Recruitment and deployment of EPCC project, engineering and technical resources including:

  • EPCC delivery personnel (Engineers, Commercial, Technical Assurance, Commissioning etc.).
  • Ad-hoc Front-end project consultancy and lifecycle governance.

Digital Solutions

Digital project and engineering delivery solutions including:

  • Assurance frameworks and configuration management tools.
  • Project delivery platforms including i-CON.
  • BIM solutions including immersive technologies (VR/AR/MR).


Training and competency management including:

  • Utilisation of our online Learning Management Platform (LMS) for crew training.
  • Client training for operational readiness including VR/AR/MR platforms.
  • Knowledge management platforms.

A passion for innovation drives growth and development, which lead to a successful future.