Leaner, better, faster, stronger

Missioncx utilises advanced technology to deliver projects and to accelerate and streamline delivery.

Using our proprietary Intelligent Project Systems we can implement Digital Assurance Frameworks for our clients. These provide a de-centralised project assurance and governance platform, ensuring your projects are controlled and predictable.

Through collaboration we can also offer immersive technology (VR/AR/MR) and BIM solutions.

i-CON – The intelligent way to deliver projects

The intelligent construction & commissioning system (i-CON) provides the platform from which enhanced performance can be realised. The system utilises tablet technology, e-forms and business intelligence, alongside established, proven nuclear commissioning processes to enhance delivery and drive down costs. i-CON can be deployed from our company servers and accessed remotely, via web portal or it can be installed on client servers depending on security and project requirements.

Why use i-CON?

i-CON = Leaner, better, faster and stronger project delivery.

  • Leaner – cheaper, greener project execution; decreased project administration costs, less paper, more effective use of project resources.
  • Better – improved strategic decision-making; standardised and streamlined delivery.
  • Faster – accelerated project delivery.
  • Stronger – increased security, more robust audit trails and enhanced configuration management.

Enhance, accelerate and streamline your project execution with i-CON. To view a sample dashboard, please click here.

For further information, please contact us or to login, please go to My mission and follow the link to i-CON.

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