Missioncx is committed to ensuring that all company SSHE objectives are met with the primary focus being the health and safety of our employees and those affected by our work. Our QMS, available to all staff via our web platform ‘my mission’ is the cornerstone of the management of all SSHE aspects. This is enhanced by strong leadership throughout the company. We ensure all our employees are aware of their accountabilities in relation to environmental, health, safety and security issues.

We strive to continuously improve processes and procedures by embedding a culture that aligns to our vision and philosophy.

  • Security – Missioncx is committed to ensuring that all security aspects are managed in line with government guidelines, regulatory and client requirements.
  • Safety – As a company we are committed to upholding our zero accident policy. It is a primary focus of Missioncx to embed a positive safety culture throughout the company.
  • Health – The health and welfare of our employees is paramount. At Missioncx we care for our employees and continually promote healthy living and a balanced working life.
  • Environment – At Missioncx, we embrace technological advances for greener, leaner and more sustainable delivery. We are committed to minimising any negative impact on the environment and providing sustainable solutions.