Building the future, intelligently                                          

Missioncx’s training scheme is currently under-development and will be available soon.

Missioncx is committed to training and developing the next generation of nuclear commissioning experts. This coincides with planned major government investment for the UK nuclear new build programmes and ongoing decommissioning activities across the UK and globally.

“Training the next generation of nuclear commissioning experts is a primary motivation; we aim to train people to the highest standards”.

We are dedicated to developing innovative methods of training delivery and plan to adopt intelligent training and knowledge management solutions. Missioncx’s training modules are currently being designed specifically to train nuclear commissioning personnel and our bespoke Learning Management System will ensure that each trainee professional is progressed through their unique training scheme effectively and efficiently.

Missioncx believe in being a dynamic and youthful company. We aim to enhance our service offering further by actively encouraging apprenticeship schemes and incorporating graduates into the structure of our organisation.