Our recruitment processes and procedures, coupled with the latest innovative technology, ensure seamless candidate management and a continued hassle-free service.

Missioncx will not just find you an individual, we will help you form partnerships for the future.

Our dedicated recruitment team will actively work with you to understand your requirements and maintain ongoing communication with all Missioncx personnel throughout the life cycle of a project. This ensures that our crew members are committed to project conclusions and wherever possible, can work concurrently on projects.

This level of communication and flexibility removes the risk for our clients, of losing crew members as a project draws to a close. This strategy may also be adopted during ‘lulls’ in a project’s life cycle, creating new efficiencies for our clients.

We utilise an online timesheet portal which can be configured to your bespoke requirements and simplify tasks such as:

  • submission of multiple / complex rate structures, i.e. overtime, shift pay, etc.;
  • uploading receipts and downloading completed forms in PDF/Excel format;
  • generation of comprehensive bespoke reports to monitor the progress of projects.

Contact us to find your next crew member.